Podcast 3rd HOUSE ON THE LEFT – with Chris Naugle Entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul, Money Expert

Interview with my guest Chris Naugle, real estate investor specializing in money strategy.

Chris has built and owned 16 companies since 1992. From a $500 loan and in his mom’s basement, to have a 10,000 sq ft incubator office space and a multi-million dollar real estate business that has done over 200 transactions since 2014. Chris Naugle is a nationally recognized entrepreneur in his years of high-level experience in the financial services and advisory industry he managed over 30 million dollars in assets. Specializing in alternative investments, retirement strategies, and wealth accumulation. Using his expert knowledge in finance he has successfully bought, renovated and sold hundreds of properties. Through his passion and success in real estate, Mr. Naugle became co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy, a real estate education company that coaches its students how to get results and create passive income through real estate.

In this episode, Chris Naugle his journey with tasty anecdotes and several tips and suggestions.

This is not to be missed, to improve your knowledge on the subject and promote profitable investments!

The vast majority of my knowledge comes from my field learning with trial errors. In order to avoid making the same mistakes as me and accelerate your learning, you will find in this video and the others of this channel several gold nuggets of information to help you on your way to success.

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Podcast 3rd HOUSE ON THE LEFT - with Chris Naugle Entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul, Money Expert

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